Saturday, March 31, 2012

Vintage for sale!

Hullo ladies! Whilst I am in the midst of brainstorming for the blog - I listed some new and vintage items on my ebay and etsy during the week, please have a look. I'm not earning any money at the moment and am looking to buy a pair of sandals and a summer dress!

1970s Marimekko shirt

1970s Swiss print mini dress

1950s mulberry cord pants trousers

H&M Trend coral structured jacket 8 10 S BNWT

H&M Trend full cocktail party skirt 1950s style S M

More EBAY listings here.

My ETSY listings here.

Enjoy your weekend darlings!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Intern

Five days of interning outfits. Haven't made an ~outfit post in a while. The gallery I intern at is pretty relaxed, there's a certain amount of physical labour involved so comfort and movability takes precedence over the Joan Holloway style fitted dresses I dream of wearing. (Owning some would be nice!)

Jumper - TK Maxx; Shirt - Levis, vintage; Jeans - Topshop Pippas (c. 2009); Boots - Camper (c. 2010)

Dress - Topshop (circa 2008); Cardigan - Caraigg Donn (Irish wool); Boots - Camper

Worn for an exhibition opening.
Dress - vintage; Tights "Sex and the City" (lol) - TK Maxx; Pumps - Rocketdog (c. 2006)

Cardigan - Caraigg Donn (Irish wool); Dress - H&M (c. 2009); Shoes - Clarks

Jumper - Pringle, vintage; poloneck - Uniqlo; Jeans - Topshop Pippas; Boots - Camper; Belt - asos

Pullover - American Apparel; Waistcoat - Welsh wool, vintage; Jeans - Topshop; High Tops - Cheap Monday

Now that the days are getting longer I may just venture outside.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Come and Get It

By virtue of my culture, I'm a fan of the humble cup of tea, and the sociability that putting on the kettle prompts.

On that note I've recently discovered that there's a lot more pictures of The Beatles drinking tea than I could ever have imagined.

Observe -

Given the hundreds upon thousands of pictures of The Beatles that exist, I'm sure there are more out there. Its up to someone to compile a coffee tea-table photobook.

Famous People Drinking Tea tumblr.

Monday, March 19, 2012

An Irish vintage

The ball finally dropped recently (what an unfortunate phrase, but its 1am as I type and it'll do). I am a shopoholic. Even though I am mostly just spending the loose change I find at the bottom of my bag in a charity shop. I undeniably get a buzz from shopping. I have been making efforts in the past year or so, to curb that spending, to turn high street spending, into sustainable spending (Being more selective, buying vintage or second hand when possible). Even when I don't have the funds necessary to feed my habit, I find myself spending hours on etsy longingly favouriting dresses I will never afford or own.

While I do love the acid prints and colour palette of 1960s and 1970s clothing, the man made materials of some of these dresses isn't as much to my taste. The materials can be itchy, uncomfortable and sometimes don't hang right on my shape. I try and buy natural fabrics as much as possible, but these cost that bit more. When it comes to materials, you do pay for quality.

1920's Antique Vintage Ecru Embroidered French-Lace & Irish-Crochet Dress

Linen and Lace Heart Dress

1970s vintage 100% pure Irish linen knit skirt set

60s vintage Blue Apple and Floral Print Irish Linen Skirt and Blouse Set

mustard saffron yellow high waist shorts made of irish linen

1960s Irish Linen Dress

UK Vogue 1958 Magazine Advertisement

Antique Early 1900's Ulster Spinning Company Irish Linen Thread

What is linen?
Linen is a yarn or fabric made from the cultivated flax plant. Dating back more than 5000 years, it is one of the oldest textile fibres known to man and weaving cloth is man's oldest manufacturing activity. Flax fibre is soft, lustrous and flexible. It is stronger than cotton fibre but less elastic. The best grades are used for linen fabrics such as damasks, lace and sheeting.

Why Irish Linen?
The Irish Linen industry was mostly concentrated in the North of Ireland, particularly in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Since about the 1950s to 1960s the flax fibre for Irish Linen yarn has been, almost exclusively, imported from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is bought by spinners who produce yarn and this, in turn, is sold to weavers (or knitters) who produce fabric. Irish linen spinning has now virtually ceased, yarns being imported from places such as Eastern Europe and China.

See Irish Linen

Saturday, March 17, 2012

This must be the place

For the past five years, I've only been home once for St. Patricks Day, and on that occasion I declined making the trip into town to see the usual parade of local car dealerships and tractors with a few green balloons tied to the roof.

Following this unwitting trend I've set for myself, this Paddy's Day I'm in London, on my way to Brussels.

Never fear, I'll be getting into the spirit of things! These photos are from a Paddy's Day celebration in Berlin a couple of years ago.

Eat, drink and be merry!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Life Without Zoe (1989)

I've been meaning to blog about this film for the longest time. As is the case with many of my favourite films, I caught this on TV one night about 3 years ago, as the late late movie. I switched the channel halfway through the 'Life Lessons' segment, obviously my attention was peaked when "Life Without Zoe" appeared on screen. Its rare enough to see my name on screen, obviously, two minutes in and I was enraptured by the energy and cultivated je ne sais quois of the young narrator.

Life Without Zoe is the second of three shorts, featuring in the anthology film New York Stories (1989). It is a sort of film noir spoof for kids, or those of us young at heart. Its a movie for girls, of all ages. You're not supposed to take it too seriously, just enjoy it with a youthful naivety. The sometimes condescending tone of a poor-little-rich-girl in New York is overshadowed by the limitless bounds of Zoe's imagination and eagerness to share her zest for life with everyone she meets, the name 'Zoe' being greek, for 'life'.

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, it was styled and written by his 18 year old daughter Sofia, well known to us now, of The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation fame.

Zoe is a 12 year old schoolgirl, who lives, frequently unsupervised by her jet-setting parents, in the Sherry Netherland Hotel in Manhattan (where the Coppolas stayed while Mr. Coppola was making The Cotton Club).

Zoe's father in the movie is a flautist, like Sofia's own grandfather, Carmine Coppola, who passed away a year after its release, in 1990.

I wonder if Sofia drew these!

Zoe has a serious penchant for Chanel. Fun fact: Sofia interned at Chanel over two summers when she was in high school and they custom made some of the costumes for this film, based on Sofia's designs. I love the hint of a grunge aesthetic in this outfit, with the classic two tone pumps and ripped jeans.

So many glorious hats, why has hat wearing become relatively obsolete post-90s? Actually, I think the hats are my favourite part of the movie, so many bows, ribbons, netting and obnoxious Chanel logos!

Little rich girls like to play around in their mothers wardrobes too!

We all made invites/cards that resembled these, and the glitter remained in the carpet for years after, or fell out of drawers and pockets for months afterward much to our mothers' collective despair - but wasn't it worth it?

The prodigal father returns, suitably attired in a dapper panama hat.

Oh the costumes, the costumes! This is how upper east side girls do costume parties!

I dreamt of costume parties like this, almost, in fact this is just too perfect, too extravagant for my country girl imagination. This scene calls to mind the Masquerade Ball scene from Marie Antoinette (2006).

I adore this tongue in cheek pop culture reference. Mini Warhol and Sedgwick! Note the Campbell soup can prop!

This is one of my favourite sequences! Some of the girls are so shy during their mini dance routine. Its all so fantastical, especially with the tight rope walker in the background, and their co-ordinating dresses!

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the cute matador on the left may be a young Adrien Brody in his first film role! Oh and that's Kid Creole playing in the background. Seriously, do parties like this exist?!

This metropolitan fairytale has a Princess too!

A family resolution, upper east side style, in the Russian tea rooms, oh my. I only wish we could have been introduced to the luxe interior that this scene teases us with.

Sincerely embarrassed for the quality of this photo, but this was my most coveted item in the whole movie: the Chanel veiled boater. Perfection in hat form.

For such a colourful individual, Zoe's palate is chic monochrome. In the true spirit of Chanel, darling.

The premise of the story is frothy, childish, but it gave Sofia a chance to show off her inherited aesthetic talent, her eye for colour and inclination for the dramatic.

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I have screencapped the film, .png format, in two .zip files of approx 200 images each. Password is the first word of my blog name.