Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gals in Glasses

This summer I decided to get myself a new pair of spectacles, with the intention of wearing glasses more often, normally I am an avid contact lens wearer. I have been wearing glasses since I was seven and I’ve heard all the jibes and teasing, so I’m not particularly fond of having an extra accessory on my face (especially considering my disgraceful prescription, speccy four eyes), but if I am, it has to be a stylish one surely.

One of the advantages, for me anyway, of wearing glasses is that I can crawl from underneath the duvet cover in the morning, pull on my glasses, brush my hair and not have to bother with make-up. Maybe I'm the worse for it, but the large frames blessedly cover most of my dark circles from too many late nights! What do you love about your glasses?

Unfairly, glasses often make the male of the species look more attractive (I’m sure you can count them on one hand), so one evening on a whim I conducted a small search through the internet to pick out some of the iconic female glasses wearers and here they are for your perusal. Suggestions of more lovely ladies in frames are encouraged!

Chloë Sevigny

Anna Karina

Grace Kelly

Zooey Deschanel

Tom Ford, 2009

And in case you’re wondering… myself in Nicole Miller ‘High Society’ tortoiseshell frames.

Let me tell you, getting the right pair of specs doesn’t come cheap, these frames (incl. lenses) cost the best part of a designer handbag!

Do any of you ladies wear specs? Been subjected to the teasing? Tell me, go on.

Also, some bloggers who wear their glasses well... Lucy of Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, Ana of Ripped Knees and Miss Pandora of course. And for the boys, Davey of The Roger-Moore Algorithm.


  1. Your glasses suit you really well. I love wearing glasses, like you said they're so handy for mornings you don't want to spend ages doing makeup. I just throw on my glasses and some lipstick and I look grand.

  2. Oh I would LOVE to wear glasses! I did when I was a kid but I seem to have grown out of the need. They make a great accessory but I could never wear those stupid fake ones with any shred of self-respect :@ Your's look great on you! I love the look of big frames and a wide thick fringe.

  3. I only wear my glasses when I remember to!

  4. oh gosh! love these, i would wear all.


  5. Aw, I wear glasses for most things but...not so much for the blog and when I'm out in general. In fact I mean to make an appointment to get some contacts some point soon!