Thursday, December 29, 2011

It feels a lot like Christmas...

The view from my bedroom window at the start of the month, when it snowed.

My wee tree!

Snowflake and Nutcracker decorations I picked up at the Edinburgh German Christmas market with my friend Kerstin.

German Christmas market, photo taken by Kerstin.

The table set for dinner. Reindeer from Primark, Jesus (moneybox) from Paperchase. Elle magazines used for placemats (because I had none).

The starter was a Mushroom and Tarragon Paté, made by my friend Claire.

A table piled high with food, the vegetarian main was sweet potato, spinach & hazelnut en croute, with red wine & juniper gravy (that I had spent two hours preparing on christmas eve and boy oh boy was it worth it. It was delicious), from the Cornucopia cookbook.

I made the Hairy Biker's Chocolate Chestnut Pudding for dessert, which was delightfully creamy and rich! We had to wait an hour or so after our main to eat this, because so much as looking at a plate of food made me queasy. My friend Christina went all out and made a fruit cobbler and apple strudel!

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  1. Your veggie main course sounds amazing - much better than my m&s nut roast! I picked up one those snow flake decorations at the German Market when I stayed in Edinburgh just before Christmas. I also had an amazing veggie meal ata place called hendersons whilst I was there.