Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ireland's Favourite Painting

Last month I blogged about Jack B. Yeats' Communicating with Prisoners and why it was significant to me (social history, feminism, etc).

Yours truly admiring the painting in question (this was definitely, maybe, posed)

Well there's less than a week left to cast your vote. The Model in Sligo is the only regional museum outside of Dublin to have a painting shortlisted. This is a major point, the gallery receives much less visitors, funding and publicity than Dublin based galleries. This would be such a major boost for the gallery, and Sligo.

You can vote here (you can vote as often as you like, restricted to once a day), and read about the other shortlisted works, until 2pm GMT next Monday.

Show your support for rural galleries!

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  1. Great blog! Found you on rookie (where all the great bloggers accumulate) :) keep up the great work! x