Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rails, Records and Retro Bakes / The Frivolous Fare

The Sligo Flea started out as the Frivolous Fare. I had a rail at the Christmas fare, and fell in love with the vibe. So when I was asked to carry it on, as the original founder was moving away, I leaped at the opportunity! It's been rebranded as the Sligo Flea, and our first flea is on June 22nd.

It was a great day, the sun was shining, the atmosphere was great. I got a little too caught up in it as I got distracted and someone stole one of my vintage dresses. Besides that hiccup there was records, retro bakes, rails of vintage dresses and plenty of banter!

When we'd all packed up, I went for a well deserved glass of wine in Source wine bar with my pal Jenny. The wine bar is on the first floor, and affords a great view down O'Connell street, perfect venue for people watching. When you "go for one", it's never just one ... and so we ambled along on the sunny evening to one of my favourite pubs in Sligo for another.

I wore a 1960s Dollyrockers full length pinafore dress with a plain People Tree cotton tunic underneath. It's not something I'd wear on a typical day, but as I was selling some of my vintage clothing at the fare, I thought I may as well adopt an alter ego. I'm a bit afeared of maxi dresses but I felt the hippie vibes in this.

The Sligo Flea will be on June 22nd, check out our facebook page for all the latest info.


Thanks to @LadyDotty for taking the pics and giving me permission to share them! The instagram ones are my own.


  1. It's absolutely wonderful that you're organising this Sligo Flea, Zoe! I hope you report back to us all about it's success! If you have another one in the later summertime, I will definitely attend!

  2. loveee the pinafore, it looks so pretty and detailed. it is sad about the one dress but sounds like the event was a roaring success!

  3. How exciting! (bar the stolen dress, boo)