Thursday, April 22, 2010

For now.

Ah, alas exams are approaching fast and I shan't have time to flesh out this blog, as much as I'd like to. I have so many ideas, but so little time to carry them out.

For now, a simple 'what I wore' post must suffice. So what I wore today. The days are getting warmer, but there is still a chill in the air. I wore this to photocopy revision notes for my exams. I only managed to cover two topics, out of five.
Finals are always daunting and slightly saddening. I enjoy the atmosphere around exam time... bumping into classmates, the frantic last minute revision in the sunshine, students milling around the exam hall, waiting restlessly in your seat for the papers to be handed out whilst winking at your friend two aisles away, recognizing someone from your class that you spoke to once in passing in first year and so on... Oh, I'm a swot, I don't deny it! Do you agree, do you enjoy exam time? (Besides the revision!)

Dress, vintage. Brogues, Office. Lace ankle socks, Topshop.

Blazer, Zara. Brooch, Topshop.

Taking pictures is a bit of a struggle in my compact university dorm room. The summer will mean more space & light.

& what I'm listening to...

G'night sweethearts! (Early start tomorrow, late journals to complete and my last day of term.)


  1. o my gosh you are too cute!!! I just found your blog and your style is adorable, love how you take vintage looks and make them look fresh!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new fan in Paris

  2. like your outfit a LOT! love the dress, especially the collar and socks. i don't think i've ever worn little socks, you've inspired me!
    to answer your comment, people rave about the nars but i'm not sure i'm sold yet. i've been applying it with my hands though so maybe it's even better with the brush. but then again, it's super sheer and feels SO NICE yet gives a really great coverage. the thing i'm not sure about is the 'glow' part because it's so pale i guess, but def the right day colour! i'm not sure about high street skin stuff as i find the medium priced things are just as good as the cheapie things, like superdrug's tea tree range. and all products seem to be for a certain type or skin whereas i try to find thing that do many jobs! the nail polish is called button moon! and thanks for asking, the interview was ok but felt rather fake so i'm not sure the store was for me!

  3. cool blog I like the whole concept of it..and your outfit is really cute

  4. inspiring blog. love your photos.

  5. just found your blog via ripped knees. you're toooooo cute. you also have whopper hair.

  6. This outfit is perfect! Preppy and elegant! :-)