Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Firstly, let me inform you that I’m not very good at talking about myself, never mind writing about myself, so under these circumstances, blessedly for you reader, this means I will (hopefully) be brief.

I turned twenty-one in December, being a ‘twenty something’ doesn’t sit quite well with my yet, but so far into the third decade of my life I much prefer being here than in my teens. I’m from a town (technically city, by Irish standards) on the North-West coast of Ireland. It’s beautiful, but also very windy, and very small so as a result, everyone knows everyone, not so fortunately for me as there’s a great deal of people I don’t want to know. I came to Dublin in the autumn of 2007, to begin my undergraduate studies in U.C.D., studying history and art history, both of which I enjoy immensely and shy as I am, I have made some wonderful friends, whom I’ll have for life. At the moment I am in my final semester and like most Arts graduates, I’m uncertain to where my life is going, but that’s the mystery of it all.

What are my hobbies and interests? I read, of course, lots of people do. I’m ‘bookish’. I was the sort of child, in primary school, who used to sneak books between the covers of my textbook during class and become absorbed in the story of another strange girl, who lived in rural Prince Edward Island, had a fierce temper and craved to meet ‘kindred spirits’ and lived in a house with green gables and a cherry blossom tree outside her bedroom window. (Guessed yet?) My favourite novel is a tie between Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. I also enjoy Waugh, Nabovkov, Woolf, Forster, Mitford and Dodie Smith.
I’ve been a vegetarian for five years. I used to paint (watercolours) and liked to draw with charcoal. Hopefully I can resume both soon. I try to mend my own clothes, not very successfully mind you. I’ve been a keen internet user since about 2001, the main attraction being Buffy and Angel fan fiction on geocities. This is not my first website, I’ve had a couple but thankfully these have been long lost in the black hole of the internet. I still use livejournal though.

This is turning into quite the essay! I do apologise, if you’ve managed to struggle on this far.

Why a blog? Well during the summer, with all my friends far away from me and some doubt about my future prospects, I thought ‘Why not?’, sure even if everyone and their aunt has one, why not me. I hope it will reach some ‘kindred spirits’! I have an unusual outlook on life, considering where I’m from, and I hope it is reflected in my musings.

What will I put here? Anything that passes my fancy really, be it inspiration - films, friends, fictional characters and maybe some outfit posts, my travels, the quiet life, all sorts! I like to write and want some sort of creative outlet, so here we are.

I'm on twitter and last.fm too.

& Now:

Now its a blessed relief I've gotten this out of the way!