Friday, November 5, 2010

All Hallows Eve

I LOVE Halloween, I have fond memories of donning a black bin bag, a mask and an impressive pointy witches hat that I was sorry I couldn't wear year round. My mum wasn't very imaginative in the costume department, but she did have a bag reserved especially for the witching time of year, with spooky decorations to pin on the door which we would have gone shopping for the year previously or the in the days running up to Halloween!

I'd trot around our small estate with a gaggle of other neighbourhood kids and have a fine time getting treats but failing to play any tricks (adults who thought they were smart by requesting a trick were usually met with blank, doleful expressions). I remember trying to guess who was who behind the mask, which was made particularly difficult by the fact that it was dark and their voice was usually muffled by those awkward plastic masks that had a tiny slit for oxegen (possibly banned nowadays, haven't been shopping for one in a while...) The mask rarely survived the night, due to all the childish horseplay and the cheap plastic eventually cracked and was cast aside by its owner before the night was over.

Anyway, I embrace Halloween - it's my opportunity to play dress up and get away with it without fear of being rebuked. Although, when it comes to it, I usually pluck some clothes from my wardrobe the night before, or on the day in question. I don't put as much effort as I'd like in, I am continually impressed by the imagination and dedication of some spooks! Oh well, next year...!

Here was my Halloween. As the years have gone by, its less about cheap candy and more about drinks and dancing.

Oh, I was meant to be Peggy Bundy. (Leggings as pants, too much gold jewelry, big belt, tassels, leopard print scarf and big hair)

(photo by Sophie)

Max from 'Where the Wild Things Are'

Tibbs and Gatsby, the pernament residents at Fawlty Towers

Munching crisps in the Peggy Bundy spirit.
L-R: Max, Kate Bush (see video below), Me, Mrs Gatsby & Mrs Tibbs

This girl's outfit was impressive, I'm guessing a courtier from the era of Louis XIV.


  1. Sigh, I love Halloween. And for a second, I thought you were going to say you were supposed to be "Fran Fine"!

    Anyhow, you are an absolute doll and I look forward to most posts (in a noncreepy way?).

    Enjoy your freebie hour today!

    Love Always,
    Amber Rose

  2. My mum was great at making hallowe'en costumes but I didn't inherit this skill! I envy people who put lots of time and thought into it.
    Did you go to Bute? Hope you packed a brolly. Were you going to Mount Stuart?