Saturday, November 27, 2010

Feeling festive

Outside it looks like this:

Kibble Palace, Botanic Gardens Glasgow (Source)
(The gardens are four minutes from my house, I pass here on my walk to college.)

So I wore this:

My new (sort of) Jemima Puddle-Duck jumper. It's wool and its warm. Look at my smug face.

It's snug and nostalgic and it was only £5 (including postage) from eBay. Thumbs up!

It's a bit naff, but it as of this afternoon, after my library stint I'm going to play bingo tonight with my friends, so I think it'll be fairly appropriate for the occasion.


  1. :O I love it! :D I need to go jumper shopping, my best friend has made off with mine! :)

  2. I am madly jealous of your jumper

  3. God that is an amazing jersey. Wow.