Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't be blue

Dear Reader, I haven't had time to update, I have a couple of posts planned but it transpires that I have double the coursework I thought due this week. Soon darlings.

Until then, see Blue Valentine, the ending credits are the most glorious I've seen in a long time. Read all about them at The Art of the Title Sequence and it may just sway you.

Alligator - Grizzly Bear & You and Me, sung by Ryan Gosling

It's been a low day for me today, so I'm going to attempt and distract myself with impending uni work and by making definite choices of what films to see at the Glasgow Film Festival (which I will also be volunteering at!)

Later darlings.


  1. I love Grizzly Bear and this film was totally brilliant!
    I hope tomorrow's a better day. The volunteering sounds brilliant :)

  2. Aw hope you have a better day today too lovely! Good luck with all the work, and a belated happy v day to you too xxxx

  3. Good luck with the work!!!!