Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have some forthcoming posts planned, but for now, I'll placate you with some pictures from the past couple of months.

So far this year I've tried saké, had a battered mars bar, tried chili tea and LOVED it, had best friends to stay, discovered new artists, visited best friends, baked a lemon polenta cake, stumbled through the streets of Edinburgh more in the past few weeks than I have since I arrived here.

Hannah samples Japanese plum wine

It's Always Raining In Glasgow

In front of Kelvingrove

Floating Heads, Sophie Cave, Kelvingrove

MacDonald sisters mural, Kelvingrove

Sarah in front of one of her favourite paintings Anna Pavlova (1911) by John Lavery

JD Fergusson, 'Eastre, Hymn to the Sun', Brass, (c. 1924)

Sarah cosying up in my leába

Trying a battered Mars bar for the first time!

Our Fair City publicity shots

Hot Mess

(The remains of) Cream tea in Eteaket on a hungover Saturday afternoon

Dinner on the cheap

Lazy snapshot post dears, will try harder next time!


  1. Anna Pavlove is gorgeous.
    And I love Eteaket! When I went we didn't have time to sit down but I stocked up on loose leaf teas :)

  2. I love this post! You are just lovely beyond belief. Sometimes I don't believe you exist! :) How can you and your friends all be so perfect?!

  3. @Ingrid Isn't it?! Lavery is one of my favourite artists, I didn't know until I came to Glasgow that he had been one of the Glasgow Boys! Eteaket was soso busy, we left and came back ten minutes later to get a seat.

    @Alyssa you know how I feel about your fairytale life!

  4. Hello! I came across your blog while looking for another review of At Home with the Georgians and it kind of felt a bit rude to read back several pages without saying hello!

    Love your blog - it makes me wish that I could do something like this as it is so fun and vibrant and interesting. I'll do the next best thing though and add it to my blog roll. :)

    Melanie x

  5. Yey, love Eteaket! Also, the floating heads are creepy-amazing.

  6. AH! These are only gorge. Sounds like you've had a good year so far.


  7. ahh i LOVE battered mars bars! nom. haven't had one in years though.