Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Royal Wedding

Friday the 29th was a day that millions, including my friends and I had anticipated for weeks! On my part it was because I began a whirl of buying any royal merchandise I could get my hands on.

I began my drinking green tea from my Wills & Kate mug, watching the arrival of guests on the BBC.

We arrived at my friend Theo's for 10.30am to settle down for the ceremony at 11am. We dressed appropriately in wedding attire and fascinators for the occasion. Once the bunting was up we settled down on the sofa, glasses of cava in hand and awaited the pageantry that was to unfold.

I baked Wills & Kate fairy cakes for the occasion, whilst my housemate baked Will's favourite, fridge cake.

After the festivities ceased and we all squealed over the balcony kiss, we watched some trashy tv, including the awful William and Kate movie, we ate lots of crumpets, some of us (Ahem) drank lots of wine. We generally just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves whilst the highlights played out on repeat on the tv in the background.

Getting a bit carried away with the euphoria of it all.

My housemate has some wonderful photos that I may post at a later date, my point and shoot is just not up to scratch on that account.

Now I'm currently experiencing the Royal Wedding blues, and searching for the M&S royal wedding shortbread tin that is sold out near me (would be perfect for bulging postcard collection!)


  1. Those scrabble cups are amazing! I've never wanted anything more! Looks like fun. How do you get the pictures on the cupcakes?!

  2. wish i coulda celebrated with you!

  3. I love that you celebrated with your friends. I wouldn't have expected you to be interested, but it looks like you had a lot of light-hearted good ole fun :)
    I recorded the wedding, and Joseph and I watched it later, mainly because we were both so in love with Kate's dress!

  4. ahaha the dress is real nice ;)