Saturday, April 30, 2011

What april showers?

As I get through my post-wedding blues, I thought I'd share some pictures from my April. It was a lovely month, besides the assignments!

(It was the morning after the night before)

An attempt on behalf of me and my friend Seán to climb Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, we took a rest and turned back.

I went home to Sligo and Dublin for a few days and was reunited with my lovely friends & I/We...

Learnt about the dangers of smoking (hi rosie)

(hi austin)

You'd think after so many attempts they'd have found the right shade of green paint to conceal graffiti by now

Went to see the Frida Kahlo & Diego Riviera exhibition at IMMA

Saw some questionable posters in Kilmainham and played guessing games

My Dad enjoying his new Wills & Kate mug with a Tunnocks teacake.

My brother made me tomato soup, which I enjoyed with toasted soda bread as I luxuriously read the sunday papers

Stopped in at The Outsider, the Jack B. Yeats exhibition at the Niland.

Sat in the sunshine in Iveagh Gardens with friends and recounted vulgar anecdotes

Drank tinnies in the sun on the TCD cricket pitch instead of doing archival research (failed academic)


  1. This all looks like so much fun :) I love your blue dress with the white collar! xx

  2. Look like you had a grest fun ! Great pictures btw :)

  3. Kinda want to keep the image of you peacefully in prayer in my wallet as life inspiration.

  4. "The Bavaria can in park" scene is really a part of Irish culture by now. And love Edinburgh too, What a city.

    Thanks for popping over to us btw.We've been onto you for a while. :)


  5. Bav in the park, both those and cans of Druids bring back serious memories. Is that Kahlo/Rivera exhibition in the IMMA good? Must catch that next time I'm up.