Friday, April 1, 2011

This old house of mine

As the days get longer and brighter I can't help but think of summer. Soon I'll be going home for a few days to hopefully conduct some dissertation research and as well as spending some time in the countryside I know so well.

Here are some pictures of my room I took last summer before I relocated to Scotland. Brownie points for guessing what my favourite colour is. It's been purple since I moved in when I was 15 (I originally wanted black, that was my 'black phase', praise be only a couple of photos exist as testament to this and I'm sure both in my possession.)

London - Paris - Berlin - New York, if only these were closets from Narnia

Obligatory heart shaped lights that girls buy when they're sixteen and have spending money from their first job...

Art to inspire

I am a hoarder, so all my junk is hidden in my wardrobes. ;)

I don't know about you but I love looking at people's bedrooms.


  1. I always find it incredible when people take the time to really personalise their bedroom.

    My room back home is bare in comparison!


  2. I'm so nosey, I love looking at peoples rooms, homes, everything! i love how people arrange stuff...I also have those obligatory fairy lights, but mine are ones my Mum bought me for my 25th birthday; tiny little chandeliers! Good post x

  3. Oh my gosh, that Bright Star poster!! I need to have it! When I have walls I can hang things on, I will definitely get my hands on one!

    Love this, seeing people's spaces is one of my favorite things.

  4. Wow, I love your room, it looks so cosy!

  5. I love looking at other people's rooms, too! You have so much stuff to look at! I like rooms like that. My bedroom is boring because I share it with a boy. It's too small to do anything with anyway.

  6. I notice you have prints of Waterhouse's Lady of Shalott - love that painting.
    I'm doing a good bit on pre-raphaelites myself this year - have always been fascinated with them too.
    I want to do one of these room type posts...
    Loved this

  7. Bright Star poster - I want one. It's beautiful.
    Your room is lovely. I'm impressed with your ability to hide clutter in your wardrobes - mine inevitably spills out creating utter chaos.

  8. I love bedrooms too...

  9. Your desk is SO pretty! Love all the artwork - and nosying in people's rooms is great!

  10. you had me at your piles of books and the bright star poster.. what a dreamy, lovely room!


  11. Love your room, it's full of character. xoxo

  12. I love peeks into people's houses - that's why I'm an apartment therapy addict! Fun post!

  13. i love that floral lamp! and i used to have a purple bedroom too. i guess we're both awesome like that hah (:

  14. Absolutely lovely room. I really love your rows of shoes under the bed.

    Purple is one of my favorite colors too! I love a pale lilac as well as a deep, rich purple. It is such an elegant color, I think!

    Hope you're doing well, love <3

  15. I love every single thing about these photos! Your room looks like something out of a magazine. Well done, Zoe! And your shoe collection, hnnnngh!