Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter with flair

A long Easter weekend is the perfect excuse to settle down in front of the television on a lazy afternoon to watch some classic matinees. I feel like on weekends such as this, you need something bright and colourful, funny and uplifting. To put that smile back on your face, if like me, you've had to sit through six hours of Ben Hur or Quo Vadis with your Dad, until you get to watch what you really want to watch. Is it just me or does Jason and the Argonauts remind anyone of Easter? It seems like it was always on tv this time of year when I was a wee one, and my Dad would watch it every time.

If I had the free time right now, these are what I'd be watching:

Bringing up Baby (1938)
I laughed till my sides ached when I finally got around to watching this last summer. I'm rather ashamed that I had seen it before. This is The Original Rom Com. They don't make them like this anymore. Hepburn and Grant spark off each so well I wouldn't be surprised if you could catch the static off the screen. I mean it, you must watch this immediately, you'll thank me later.

The Philadelphia Story (1940)
Three of my favourite actors star, what more could I possibly want? Hepburn, Grant and Stewart make the most remarkable trio in this hilarious comedy of errors. High society girl Hepburn, gets her come uppance and finally realises what she wants from life and love.

Easter Parade (1948)
Ah, well its all in the name isn't it? Judy Garland and Fred Astaire make a multi talented pairing in this colourful, laugh out loud musical. The lavish candy coloured costumes are veritable eye candy, whereas you can't fault Astaire or Garland's musical duo. More saccharine than the previous perhaps, but if you want to inject some colour and froth into your afternoon, here you go.

Les demoiselles de Rochefort (1967)
Some continental colour now, and easily one of my favourite musicals - The Young Girls of Rochefort swings with sixties spirit and enthusiasm, without so much of the sex, just some great choreography. Gene Kelly stars alongside the beautiful sisters Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac. One a cool blonde, the other a warm redhead. Great songs (even if I can just about hum the words) and dresses to boot. Directed by Jacques Demy. If you love musicals, like me, at least you can give the appearance of being cultured, seeing as this is French an all.

Carry on Camping (1969)
Not forgetting the great British comedies! I remember watching Carry On marathons during the long summer afternoons when I was a kid. I still find their tongue in cheek, slapstick humour very amusing, I won't lie! Barbara Windsor and Kenneth Williams are an absolute scream. Carry On Camping remains one of the best Carry On's in my opinion, its so of its time, made in the summer of love itself, so high spirited and hormonal. A time when the average person holidayed at home, something I suspect we're returning to in this economic climate... now I'm making it sound like its a social commentary for our time. Actually maybe it is, watch it and report back.

I welcome any recommendations, by the way, I'm always wracking my brain for a good movie to watch, of an afternoon.


  1. I haven't seen the last two, but those are some pretty strong recommendations. I shudder to think how many watches I've given "The Philadephia Story", and how close I am to watching it right now. Easter weekend is alway a time for films, though it does seem to be the two days when dads rule the remote. If I were home, it would be all "Lawrence of Arabia".

    I'd say maybe try out "Paris When It Sizzles".

  2. I love Carry on films :) although saying that I haven't watched any for years. They remind me of being ill and eating heinz tomato soup and my dad for some strange reasons!

    Are you still not on facebook? Where are you!

  3. I love Carry On films, but have never seen Carry On Camping! They remind me of Sunday afternoons during my school days.

    Also, Jason and the Argonauts reminds me of my childhood! It's one of my mum's favourite films.