Monday, September 12, 2011

A room of one's own

So as I prepare to move out of my first flat in Glasgow into a new one, I took some pictures to remember the room I fondly called home for a year.

Panorama collage of the view from my bed, usually when I'm sitting on my laptop

Chest of drawers with various trinkets, my jewelry

My bed. That throw has been around as long as I can remember, so its a little bit of home, from home. Cushions are from ikea. The postcards and prints make up my wall of women - figures from art and some victorian photographs too, i've been collecting this over the years. The Mucha mirror is a bit battered around the edges, but I found it in my first month here for £1 in Salvation Army.

The view from my desk, onto the communal back garden. The pile of books are my to read and unfinished/abandoned reading pile. You may recognise the beautiful actress photos I have pinned up.

My desk, when its tidy would you believe

Shoes and more shoes. Safe to say that's theres a definite colour scheme going on here.

Shelves; books, diaries, trinket boxes, postcards, ipod dock, dvds

Textbooks, college folders, stationary boxes
This shelving unit is ugly and doesn't 'match' the rest of the room, but its functional!

All the furniture came with the house. I love the wardrobe especially. There's some great charity shops here that sell furniture and I always go in to admire it, not that i have the space for it. There really are some beautiful pieces that can be picked up cheaply and given a new lease of life.

The room is quite dim, and the light from the bulb is very orange so I never really took pictures here during the year. I will miss it though, because it was quite homely and cosy.

I'm looking forward to making another room my own - but as I type this, I haven't got one yet, so I hope I'll have somewhere to live by the time this is published!


  1. I love the wardrobe as well, I bet sometimes you felt like Lucy about to enter Narnia through a closet full of furs. I've never had my own room so when I have a hard time sleeping I decorate one. Last night I had a Chesterfield chair upholstered in yellow with plaid pillows. Sigh, one day.

    I really hope you scored an even lovelier place to live! I am looking forward to the photos of the view from your room. :)

  2. wow!!! your room is awesome, I want a room like that one!!! and the garden :) love your blog!!!