Monday, October 31, 2011

Outfit: Dream Girl

After making the Mysterious Skin/Wendy post I had a little fun the other afternoon and played around, conceiving an outfit that Wendy, or an early 90s Dream Pop girl would probably be most pleased to wear! The 90s revival is here, so embrace it. More glitter please!

I could have used Polyvore but you can't copy images from Etsy, so its the old fashioned way again.

Ring with enamel lips, ASOS

Black fly ring, River Island

Opal necklace, Etsy

Spike earrings, Bad Passion jewelry

Black Mesh Crop Top, Etsy

Star belly button bar, River Island

Tie dye mini skirt, Etsy

Fishnet tights,

Silver Doc Martens

Urban Decay's Book of Shadows

Urban Decay eye liner pencils

Hair glitter (I was a big fan of this, in the early noughties).