Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Seven days.

This post is prompted by the wonderful Georgia who wanted to see more of what I wore on a typical day. Its taken the bones of three weeks to get seven days worth of outfits together so you can see why I don't really 'do' outfit posts.

I'm pretty self conscious about posting day to day outfits because these days I'm either working or doing errands. I dress more for comfort these days and usually a variation on a handful of clothes I wear repeatedly. This was a good exercise though because its driven me to try and recapture the fun I once had dressing up every day when I was doing my undergrad.

I am pretty adverse to taking photographs of my outfits because my camera isn't the best, I don't have a great backdrop (nor do I like taking pictures in public, I have no tripod or ~photographically minded friend), I'm trying to embrace my body shape more, one life, one body, but I'm still self conscious about it. Anyway, here goes:

October 4th. Running errands.
Blazer, Zara. Blouse, People Tree. Wool waistcoat, vintage Jaeger. Trousers, Uniqlo. Boots, Camper.

October 5th. Going to the cinema.
Pullover, American Apparel. Trousers, Topshop (2010). Boots, Camper. Necklace, vintage puzzle pieces.

October 24th. Dropping off graduation forms.
Top, American Apparel. Trousers, Uniqlo. Boots, Camper. Necklace, charity shop.
(I hoped this would be a nod to a riot grrrl look).

October 26th. Cinema and pub.
Lipstick is Gay Geranium, No7, I bought this after seeing it on the beautiful Bethany!
Striped top, H&M (2008). Denim shirt, charity shop. Cords, Uniqlo (2010). High tops, Rocket Dog (2010, via charity shop).

October 27th. Grocery shopping.
Dress, H&M (2007). Tights, Pamela Mann. Boots, vintage. Necklace, Accessorize (2009).

October 28th. Running errands.
Top, charity shop. Skirt, American Apparel. Denim shirt, charity shop. High tops, Rocket Dog (via charity shop). Necklace, charity shop. 'Call Me' necklace, Lady Luck Rules Ok.
(I got this top last week, I liked the daisy pattern, therefore the close-up of my chest).

October 31st. Lazing about on Halloween, packing for London.
Roxy Music men's t-shirt, Amplified (via eBay). Skirt, American Apparel. High tops, Rocket Dog (via charity shop).
The t-shirt is a S but oversized on me as a men's shirt. I find it difficult to wear so today I just knotted it at the side, in a slightly cropped style so it'd look less sloppy. I like this shirt because its the (best) cover of my favourite Roxy album - Country Life.


  1. Best post ever! I love all of this, I wish I could pull off these looks. You're such a stunner x

    p.s. haven't forgotten your postcards, will pop them in the post asap!

  2. Love this, I wish I could pull off trousers like you can! You shouldn't be wary of doing outfit posts all of these are lovely and the beauty of it is that not every day brings fabulous and exciting clothes because it's not practical or realistic or relatable. Even though some of these are errand running outfits I think they're really well styled and beautiful. I wear everything here :)

  3. Ahh you are the best, I am so glad you documented more of your outfits! I wish you'd do this every week tbh. I adore that fuchsia dress, and you are pretty much my ~casual chic~ idol.

  4. Urgh your hair is too nice, serious envy. I love this, maybe I'll do something like it? I'm seriously scared of photos of myself though.

  5. I know if you're at all self concious it doesn't really make much difference what other people say, but I will anyway; You really are stunningly beautiful.

  6. Thanks everyone, its definitely encouraged me to do some more in future, but maybe in more 'fabulous' attire! not just sainsbury's outfits.

  7. Wow, you are so beautiful and natural in these posts, and what a nice collection of clothes you have. :)