Saturday, November 12, 2011

London shopping

When visiting a city, shopping isn't usually a priority on my metaphorical to do list (metaphorical merely because I am not organised enough to compose one). However, when I found myself in the city centre, between here and there, I couldn't resist popping into a few familiar stores.

I had a voucher for Selfridges and since 98% of the loot for sale there is out of my budget, (nevermind my lifestyle!), I decided to treat myself to a designer perfume. My friend Michaela patiently sprayed and sniffed perfumes with me for half an hour in the Jo Malone concession until I settled on Pomegranate Noir cologne, a scent quite unlike anything I've ever beheld before.

The next day, on Thursday, my friend Hannah and I when walking down Kensington High Street, spotted the Tabio store across the road and made a cheeky detour. There was a sale on, with much of the hosiery reduced to half price. I left the store £40 poorer, oops!

Tie dye socks that caught my eye

Festive leg warmers

On the Saturday, after a decadent tea break at Maison Bertaux, with a couple of hours to spare, upon my request, Bethany showed me the way to the nearest Uniqlo store. Sadly the skinny cords I purchased last year aren't stocked this season but I made some practical buys, like a heat-tech striped polo top, heat-tech black leggings and a couple of pairs of socks in an autumnal palette.

The rest of my pennies was spent on food and wine, transport and postcards! I was happy with the treasures I came back to Glasgow with, safely tucked in my suitcase.


  1. I love your purchases Zoe! I miss Uniqlo so much - there used to be one in Belfast but it has since closed.

    The perfume looks lovely too! I've never really bought "designer" perfume before (does Jennifer Aniston's scent count??) but I am curious: does it really smell like pomegranate?

  2. Hello, just came across your blog. Very interesting! You are very pretty and I bet you look lovely in all your purchases