Friday, January 13, 2012

Birthday lunch

I'm trying out the cropped/tied shirt thing. I think I like it. I wore this at the end of December for a birthday lunch at my favourite eatery in Glasgow, Heavenly.

Dress, Topshop (2009). Shirt, Salvation Army. Necklace, Bad Passion. Pumps, Office (2009).


  1. I love cropped shirts too! really like the way you have put together this look perfect for winter!

    Rachel xxx
    P.s Great blog Im now following :)

  2. Lordy you look adorable. I can never make this look work. Also, your hair is perfection.

  3. YES I like it too! Throughout my whole life I've been drawn to how shirts look when you tie them like that but for most part it's been ~~~sooo 80's/90's~~~~ and just not acceptable at all. I'm loving that it finally is!

  4. What a beautiful photo--you fit so perfectly with the wallpaper! I also love shirts tied up like that...totally reminds me of my childhood!

  5. Super cute! Is it cropped or is it just tied like that? Either way I love a denim shirt <3