Tuesday, January 24, 2012

And you say what have I got to lose?

On Sunday night I was faced with a 'what to wear' dilemma. Not uncommon, but this time it was for Curryoke. Curry and karaoke is a Glaswegian institution. I was still hungover from a party the night before so I wasn't in the mood for anything ultra glam. So I reached for this 60s mini dress I recently acquired from eBay. It is super short (in the mood of the time I suppose), so thick, opaque tights are essential. I needed operational hair, so I tied it back with this metal spiked hairband from Topshop which is my recent, favoured hair accessory.

What did I sing?

Prince - Little Red Corvette

All Saints - Never Ever

If I was staying on in Glasgow I would probably make Karaoke nights a regular occurrence to be honest. Let's see if I can convince my Irish pals to join me for a bit of a belter.


  1. Never Ever is my karaoke classic. Always.

  2. Omg, I so want in on Curryoke. I am going to make this a thing in Wellington, definitely.

  3. Cute outfit! LOVE your shoes!!

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  4. Your bangs are so cute!! LOVE the outfit!! have a great weekend!!

    love K

  5. omg your hair is looong! so lovely! i really want to do a cool ponytail but mine is too short, love that hair tie. curryoke sounds amazing too woah

  6. Your dress is so so pretty <3