Saturday, June 2, 2012

Grainy memories

I got a disposable camera developed a few months ago, and doing some tidying up, or moving stuff around my room, I found some other pictures from my undergrad years that made me "aww", so I scanned them in and shared them with the appropriate people and now I'm sharing them with you, internet, because its a bank holiday weekend and I have no plans.

Exhibit one: Internet friends become real life friends.
Katypapertalk & I

Bethany (of the Arched Eyebow) & I

Kimmage, A Good Friday party, 2010 (I'll keep you guessing on that one, but it did not include prayers). This was around the time the Florence Welch comparisons started.

The living-in-student-residences days. A mock Come Dine with Me party, 2010. Tara & I, and a delicious desert.

Rathmines, 2010. I think there was absinthe involved.

Rathmines, 2010. Ironic charity shop shirts, and when Seán was still a social smoker. Naughty.

Soho, November 2011. Maison Bertaux. A hairer, sexier Seán. No dairy.

Sometime in early 2010, Sligo. Accurately surmises my relationship with my younger brother. Mutual ribbing. (He fights back now, btw).


  1. Oh god, brilliant. I was with a friend at a Lomography/Instax store down in Hipstertown and I was wondering, why are these cameras so expensive? Why won't a regular film camera do? Then I see your post. It's a sign, I've got get a disposable at the local Kodak.

    Also, that last photo, I love it.

    1. Haha! I can't afford those camera's the cool kids have, so I figured this was for me, an attainable compromise to achieve that grainy effect and preserve these memories forever!

      Something about the last photo makes me smile, I love it!