Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Novelty is the spice of life

I was once a teenage (wannabe) goth. This "black period" lasted for about a year and a half, til I entered a confused ~kawaii/fruits phase, like so many internet kids before tumblr. I still have an eye for colour, or quirkier patterns, I'm not sure if my attraction to odd prints and styles is a remnant of these days. I get a kick from finding something unusual on the rails, and charity shops are the business for this.

I picked this skirt up in my favourite charity shop in Sligo town for €2.50, its viscose (don't google that!), with a very nineties interpretation of an art deco/1920s print. It's about 2 sizes too big so I've attempted to belt it in. I've been wary of maxi skirts this long time for fear of looking like a banshee (imagine for a moment the combination of my hair down, with a long dark skirt and my usual ghostly "away with the fairies" expression, just no). However, the distracting pattern of this skirt made this long skirt a little less serious, and less "fashiony" (is that even a word?) that some of the trendier maxi skirts I had been eyeing up. Ana is a girl who can rock a maxi skirt. FYI Georgia is a novelty print goddess.

Skirt: thrift (probably 90s) / High tops: Cheap Monday / Belt: Monki / Top: H&M

Still feel a bit awkward ~posing as of yet, but its not hurting anyone, so whatever. The third picture is meant to be ridiculous, if I was a lookbooker I could photoshop me into space or something, but I didn't because I want to taken seriously (debatable).


  1. Ah how nice of you to mention me! I truly believe novelty prints maketh the wardrobe, and this one is such a great find. I also love your poses, I have NO idea what to do with myself when I pose for blogging photos which is why I generally am holding out my skirt and looking downwards aloofly (totally not a word).

  2. Love your style Zoe!

  3. That skirt is crazy! Nice find :) Actually I'm a big fan of viscose, a lot of great vintage fabrics are made in viscose, it's really comfy and has a lovely drape. just be careful not to tumble dry it and wash it at 40.

    On the last note, I'm finding posing very tough too, it's so hard to relax in front of the camera and be yourself. Really got to try and work on it but have no idea how to go about it without growing a whole new personality!


  4. It's a brave skirt to wear but you totally make it work:) I always make posing a bit of fun (mostly laughing at myself) but people rarely get it;)

  5. That skirt is so so sick! Such a great find! I wish I had that much luck in thrifting. x

  6. How is it possible that you can rock that skirt so well!! Looking fab!! :)