Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What's in a room

One of the significant stages in a friendship with someone, for me, is being made privy to their bedroom (don't even go there). A woman's bedroom particularly, is a highly intimate and often a creative space, as Virginia Woolf famously alluded to. Especially a bedroom you've grown up with, it reflects one's interior landscape, it demonstrates how you've grown, matured (or retained that childish spirit if the case may be!)

I've been meaning to post these pictures for a few months, and during this blogging lull seems an appropriate time. Oddly, however many stories I read and movies I watch about vagabond types, when I relocate (which I have done more than a couple of times since I turned 18) I tend to bring a lot of stuff with me. I don't consider myself materialistic for consumerist objects, but for the nostalgia that certain things invoke - books, ornaments, boxes of postcards, certain dresses. I need to create a home around me. I can't think surrounded by bare walls. At some point though, even for an extended period of time, I would like to take a risk and be romantic, and pack my life in a suitcase.

Although my living situation in Glasgow turned out to be less than ideal for the remaining months of my stay, I felt most safe in the privacy of my room.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Mucha imitation mirror picked up for £2 in Salvation Army on Dumbarton Rd. Smash Hits 88 record which cost me about 50p (purchased merely for the year of my birth). More lovely postcards, I think these are all from the same person, you know who you are! Crucifix from Glenstal Abbey in Limerick, purchased to remember a great weekend of tree hugging.

My wardrobe with garish colours and questionable lurex suits peeping out, as well as many beloved vintage dresses.

Postcards from friends and picked up from places.

I've had that throw for as long as I can remember, its cozy and homely. The cushions are generic ikea, while the Totoro plush is a gift from a friend and really cheered me up at a time when I needed it.

I've been itching to blog, and have a few ideas for future posts, but after a weighty/academic post such as the last one, I feel a little disingenuous by following those up with a frothier "filler" post. I want to start dealing with some heavier topics but I'm not sure that this is the forum to express them, because I don't want to isolate a potential readership. It's hard to achieve that balance, and maybe that's the secret to successful blogging. I'm not convinced.

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  1. Hey lovely! Not sure if you vlog or not, but I spent the morning at Google in Soho learning how to make the most of Youtube and get the most views! Please share this where you can so everyone can benefit from it! Hopefully you learn something new! :)


  2. Is this your bedroom in Ireland? I must admit, it's exciting to get the insight into your life, it's what blogging's all about really isn't it! Getting to know people in the weirdest and most bizarre way :) Love your wall paper too btw xx


    1. I must not have been clear enough! No this is my old room in Glasgow, back home in Sligo now :)

  3. I really love the wall colour and the feature wallpaper and all your posters/images on display :) It's so lovely :)