Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mid-week Muse: Helen Hunt in 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' (1985)

This was originally going to be the Monday Muse, so you can see how much I procrastinate! I watched this movie one autumn's day, wrapped up in a duvet. It was one of those evenings when you needed something so over the top, so self aware... that you immediately turned to the 1980s teen movie genre. Helen Hunt and Sarah Jessica Parker as a duo? In a film inspired by the Cyndi Lauper song? I needed no more convincing. Hopefully nether will you, dear reader, after casting your eye over these screencaps. My mid-week muse is Helen Hunt's character, but mostly just for her hair wear (if that's a word).

(That's all they really want!)

Globes with antlers? Sure why not.

These were baby dolls seated in what appear to be high heels.

So when I realised I ran out of Helen Hunt screencaps, I decided to tack these two on:

The 80s were a time when men were men, which meant by default it was acceptable to wear crop tops and white tuxes, *especially* when you were about to make a live tv appearance. And yes, that is a tween Shannon Doherty.

The movie features some brilliantly 80s dance sequences, complete with crafty stunt doubles and fade out sequences like the above.

"The film is basically interchangeable with any number of teen-steam/sports intrigue pictures from the era, complete with a hunky rebel (Lee Montgomery), a hip friend (Helen Hunt was hip?), a dorky friend (Jonathan Silverman, his generation's Jason Biggs), a snobby rival (Holly Gagnier), and a can't-stop-the-music aesthetic that feels like having an unfiltered dose of the '80s injected directly into your eyeballs." (Film Freak Central)


  1. The number of times I rented that film from XtraVision, love it!

    1. damn! my local xtra vision slacked on the trashy movies, i'd be embarrassed to see my rental history x