Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas wishlist

If I had someone to buy for me. Or if I were a rich girl, la la la -

Kieslowski on Kieslowski

Zara coat

Dark red weekly diary moleskine

Smoke Fairies Through Low Light and Trees

Harry Clarke, Strangest Genius

Biba embossed shoulder bag

Decadent underwear

(via circus box)
Russell & Bromley loafers

Welcome to the Dollhouse poster

Vivien Leigh print.

Phew! All pictures are links.


  1. Hey, great taste, girl! ;) Love all this; that Vivien Leigh photograph is beautiful. Hope you get at least a few of your wishes! x

  2. Blogs make it so much easier to make sure that your friends and family buy you the things you want! I also have that red moleskine planner on my list. I Santa brings you everything you're wishing for!

  3. Love that biba bag, I've only seen the collection online I really want to check it out in store.
    I like to have a good quality diary, I take it everywhere with me and it gets bashed around in my bag so it needs to be durable x