Friday, December 17, 2010

Creatures of the night

I've been on a total Rocky Horror Picture Show high all this week so I started using polyvore to aid my procrastination and created sets for my favourite characters. Modern day horrors.


Magenta (my favourite! rawr!)

And inspired by The Transylvanians

It's my first time using polyvore, its almost like shopping! Glorified window shopping where money is no object!

Let me know what you crazy kids think. Time to inject more glitter/metallics into my own look perhaps.


  1. Oh man, these are amazing! I always wanted to be Columbia. I would wear her clothes on a daily basis.

  2. daaaamn! I left such a long comment here on my phone the other day and it never sent, grr!
    anyways, thanks for the lovely comment about my film! (infact thanks for always commenting, i notice you often do!) <3
    We actually had to work around the families who came to play in the playground and there were a couple of shots with people in but i just had to not use them!
    thing is that it was sooo cold that not many people came to the park and if they did, they didn't stay long. We filmes all day! from morning through till sunset! kept having to hobble home for a change haha
    wow you've been busy with these collages, theyre great! pewrfectly styled :) I love it, went to see the show once with a big group of friends, is amazing!