Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

The special collections section of my library houses some wonderful treasures, I found some sweet Victorian seasonal cards on their flickr, that I thought I would share with you. Some are quite unusual and use images that we wouldn't traditionally associate with Christmas. I suppose they used them for the sake of eclecticsism!

I LOVE foxes, I'm not sure how a fox preying on some rabbits is supposed to represent good tidings for the year ahead, but oh well...

Again, a curious choice, but quite sweet really.

You can see the others, odd and otherwise, here.

Have you stuck to your resolutions so far? I haven't quite, I didn't make any definite ones for fear of breaking them! I did buy a diary again this year, a wee pocket moleskine, its helped me quite a bit in the couple of days it has been in my possession!

PS. I was nominated as one of the Irish Fashion Bloggers of the year, a vote would boost the auld ego, I'm number 50. Vote and spread good karma! You can vote once a day and for more than one blogger.


  1. Lololol I love the monkey poking the other monkey with a reed!

  2. xo!


  3. I love the cards!

    Do you ever see foxes running about Glasgow city centre? I used to always see them near where I lived (Great Georges Street): very exciting!

  4. These cards are so odd and wonderful, all at once. I love when the image given doesn't necessarily match up with the message, it sort of forces you to re-evaluate how we connect the written word to the visual. What fun!

  5. congrats on making the list! I want to visit Ireland soo bad! All irish people I met were so nice! I love your style and the cards are great!

  6. im the same way with not making definite new years resolutions...but i have opted to bring more vintage into my life and blog! just found you and am now following :) we like a lot of the same blogs i noticed on your sidebar!


  7. I love those cards - you do tend to get some very odd Victorian greetings card. The oddest one I've seen so far is a chorus line of frogs!

  8. i love the monkeys! they are so super cute! <3