Monday, January 24, 2011

Menswear Florence/Milan/Paris

I was alerted to these frankly amazing shots by House of Leaves. My own eyes were first opened to the eccentric and bold ways Italian men wear their suits through The Sartorialist. Pictures speak louder than words so I'll share some my favourites from Tommy Ton's photos.

There's a lot of style cues there to take inspiration from. I'm very happy about the amount of tweed and plaid.

I've always been envious of menswear, mainly because of the wide selection of blazers available to them and well cut shirts. I love the clash of patterns and colours, it looks fun and it feels like they live in these clothes, which sometimes ain't the case for more fickle, trend driven womenswear.


  1. Love masculine tailored clothes SO much....I would always wear The Boy's clothes if I could get away with it, lol!

  2. Although this post is about menswear, the mustard heels in the last photo? AMAZING.

  3. Wearing and being fitted for a suit is a really significant event in a man's life, as I have just found out. My boyfriend and his Dad just went to another city to get fitted for a new suit each from Crane Brothers ( They're going for smart, classic colours and lines but I'm sure they'll find ways to accent their perfectly tailored threads like these pictures above. I steer towards men's fashion too, sometimes it makes me feel remarkably feminine!

  4. Thanks Emma, its anecdotes like that which make me wish I was born a man!

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    I had to fan myself after looking at these dashing men!

    My other half would look absolutely silly in these outfits but doesn't stop me from appreciating the styles. :)