Saturday, January 22, 2011


Before the Christmas break I went to see Somewhere. In the tradition of Sofia Coppola's films it was beautiful to look at,; gauzy, like you're peeping through a veil curtain. Elle Fanning was the real star of this movie. I loved her fresh and youthful all-american girl look. Stacey Battat was the wardrobe designer, but looking at pictures of Elle elsewhere, I can't help but wonder about her own personal input, she just seems so at ease in what she wears.

Cleo (Elle Fanning's character) has a better eye than I did at that age. Her wardrobe seems timeless, composed of printed sundresses, pastels, soft geometric patterns, loose fitting breton tops and her sunshine yellow Fjällräven backpack. It's also very accessible, I imagine most of these pieces have been picked up from high street stores.

My favourite outfit was this grey, cream and dusky blue geometric patterned jumper, a nice oversized fit, it goes so well with her coloring. It's an easy going look, Just worn with jeans and plimsolls.

I love her selection of printed dresses, perfect for the Los Angeles sunshine, sweet but elegant. Makes me long for summer days and ice cream.

The fresh bloom of youth is perfectly complimented in this dress, the sleek ponytail is all the dressage this dainty dress requires.

If only I had that much grace and taste when I was 11 or 12. Not me, instead, I had tank tops that said ‘Angel’ on them in glitter and a favourite dusky pink puffy bodywarmer from Topshop. This is the early noughties we're talking about here.

Elle dresses for herself, she's not trying to grow up too fast, she seems content to be the age she is. She is the perfect pre-teen role model, quietly mature, making no demands of her father, only content to stand by his side and let him realise his own mistakes.

I won't lie, It feels more than a bit strange to be looking toward a girl ten years my junior (she was born in 1998! How is this possible?) for some style inspiration, but it is refreshing.

Images via Totally Elle.

Elle Fanning, 67th Venice Film Festival: "Somewhere" Photocall, Sep 3, 2010
(via eyeprime)


  1. Ha last week I also did a little post about how I admired her style, and I saw Somewhere at the Cork Film Festival, and she was absolutely mesmerizing! One to watch.

  2. i need to see this! i've been spotting a lot of elle on tumblr and am always enamored with her look(s). she's obviously stunning but there is a very mysterious je ne sais quoi about her.

  3. Can't wait to see it, hell, there are so many films on my list that I want to see!

  4. @Sarah 'je ne sais quoi' indeed, you got it spot on!

    @Lady Pennyworth Don't have your expectations too high, I was rather disappointed but Elle is really superb in this.

  5. Maybe I'll push it down my waiting list a little so; Blue Valentine is the one that is on top..

  6. Ahhh that is terrifying that she isn't even a teenager yet! Well, not quite. I love that cute dress she's wearing in the kitchen still.

  7. @ Lady Pennyworth I was actually really excited when I saw the trailer first and kept it shh from my friends (because Ryan Gosling of The Notebook fame, etc) but apparently its gotten great reviews!!

    @ Helen I know!! My excuse is that we were that age in the late nineties/early noughties and eh, shiny gilets was what it was all about.

  8. Surely NOBODY was born in 1998?
    Oh God bodywarmers. I thought I'd banished them from my mind.

  9. Do you know where the yellow sweater she wears in the movie is from? It's adorable!