Monday, April 8, 2013

WIW / Going down to the pub

Headscarf - vintage, 1960s / Wool blazer - thrifted / Jumper - thrifted / Denim shirt - thrifted / Jeans - Topshop Pippa's / Boots - Camper

An invitation to the pub while enthusiastically accepted on my part, leaves me with a bit of dilemma for at least nine out of the twelve months of the year. Ireland is cold. The Romans never colonised Ireland, calling us 'Hibernia', or the land of eternal winter. So the pub dress code calls for layering, mostly for your journey to and from your pub of choice. The pub does attract an eclectic mix of people, some manage to wear a skimpy dress, platform heels and a light jacket and apparently feel no chill. With the risk of spillage in mind, I usually wear a pair of jeans, a favourite pair of ankle boots, and a blazer so it looks a bit smart and like I made the effort. A jumper, shirt are a must (or a blouse depending on what type of social gathering it is - like a date) thermals are optional, or leave that to the imagination!

An Irish pub is vastly different to a bar, granted, they're both crowded, but the pub rattles with the hum of conversation rather than the efforts of the in-house DJ. The floor is scattered with odd stools, some low and wooden, some covered in leather, the best one's have cosy wooden snugs. The tables often require the aid of a few beer mats under the leg, but once you've settled and removed your layers, you can then luxuriate in the warmth that embraces you as you catch up with your pals.

I thrifted this blazer last week, I don't usually wear camel so I'm a bit wary of it yet, but for Spring it does go nicely with softer, more pastel shades. This jacket has no label, only an ILGWU (International Ladies Garment Worker Union) tag. Its hard to date, but I would go with late 70s/early 80s, it has wonderful leather covered buttons. The ILGWU, begun in 1900, ceased in 1995. It's fully lined, I think the material is wool, and it is very comfortable to wear, I find most high street blazers uncomfortable and cheaply made. For comfort and laziness sake I wore this with a pair of long socks and my well-loved Camper boots. My hair is boring me at the moment, so I pinned it up and tied a scarf over it.

The scarf I got a few weeks ago in a charity shop. The St. Michael label is from the 1960s. I'm not usually gone on floral prints, particularly as the vintage inspired "ditsy" floral revival has flooded the high street, there are cheap reproduction florals in every store you wander into, and my eyes are tired of looking at them. I love the contrasting colours of this - the hot pink, orange and green, then the black stems of the flowers in the centre, occasionally broken up with small florals imitative of the border flowers.

The look itself, I suppose it has a Land Girl feel to it. Instead of working the fields however, I was having a gossip down the pub.

Close up of scarf print

Close up of jumper label - Made in Co. Mayo!

ILGWU (International Ladies Garment Worker Union) tag on blazer


  1. You look gorgeous!!So quirky and cool.

    Absolutely love the camel colours - really suits you!

  2. This outfit is stunning, and certainly much more thought-out than anything I've managed to cobble together for a pub night. And I can see why those boots are your favorite--they're perfect.

  3. Ahhh god I love this! Jack has this pair of high-waisted woolen pants that he got too fat for but they fit me soo well, and I am struggling to find a way to wear them, but this is so inspiring to me. I love the scarf thing, I need to figure out how to do that with my hair and channel the whole Land Girl thing. I love the close-ups of the labels too.

  4. fab colours, very true re: the pub culture too ;)