Thursday, April 4, 2013

WIW / Spring Sunshine

It's been a while since I've done an outfit post, I enjoy dressing myself and thrifting but am awkward in front of the camera lens for all sorts of reasons (1. asking someone to do it, 2. said person not being especially good at taking photos). This is an ultra girly outfit, and I was mistaken for being in my mid-teens while wearing it, but I like to mix things up - I could be a vamp next week, who knows.

Cardigan: Thrifted, Jaeger wool/pattern label / Dress: H&M / Shoes: JuJu Jellies / Bag: Accessorize (c. 2009) / Watch: One Spot

The past couple of months I've thrifted some lovely woolens in my local charity shops. This cardigan was €4. The label reads 'Knitted from Jaeger handknitting yarn' - it needed a lot of TLC, the lining was sagging - a sure sign that the cardigan had been machine washed and shrunk. So I patiently handwashed it and gradually stretched it out, to restore it to some of its original length. I love the pattern, it reminds me of 60s prints and art nouveau designs. It's perfect for the weather we're having recently, the sun is shining but its cold and windy.

I increasingly find myself spending more time sulking in front of the mirror lamenting on how I've nothing appropriate to wear, probably because I have excess free time on my hands and have more time to think about such things. These shoes, the dress and bag are probably some of the oldest items I have in my wardrobe, the bag and shoes were bought 4 years ago, the dress 2 years ago. I need to be more discerning about what I buy, but for now I'm just having fun!

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  1. The cardigan looks SO good, well worth the effort. The colours remind me of stained glass windows. Also your high ponytail + fringe combo is making me miss my fringeeee :(