Monday, July 12, 2010

Macbook covers

Over a year of having my (second, RIP MacDreamy) Macbook I only recently got around to getting a case for it. Until this point I had this super nerdy ultra sensible black boxy toshiba backpack mum had gotten me. When in Glasgow however I don't want to be dowdy!

Finding a stylish macbook cover is more difficult than you would expect, but etsy again proved to be my saviour and I picked up this unashamedly twee tapestry cover from sandrastju, an etsy seller based in Lithuania who makes loads of great quality, colourful and ladylike macbook covers. It fits my mac perfectly and I'm in love!

Foof also has a decent selection of bright coloured laptop/ipod/iphone sleeves.

Next on my list is finding a canon ixus camera cover...


  1. That is the cutest cover ever!

    You'll love studying art history at masters level, it's going to be tough but worth it (as my friends have told me) and hey, maybe like them you'll go onto do a phd??!! Ha!

    Next for me after my masters is the big bad world. Gotta job hunt and get my account back in the black!

  2. zoeee i just read your comment, what's up chick? from everything i know about you, you sound wonderfully eloquent and giving and genuinely all the success you deserve will come to you! everyone is in the same position, i'm just lucky i get an extra year to try and change it where as if i'd just graduated, i'd be so stuck! i don't know how i'll get through next year as i'm going to flop after a week of back to back classes. i get loads of emails from girls who want an amazing, glamourous fashion job that will give them freebies and be easy, but there are so many fulfilling and fabulous jobs out there that aren't in fashion, and tbh what i've seen of fashion jobs is hard! i wouldn't compare yourself to other bloggers because they only put good things on their blog, including me. i'm also aware potential employers may see my blog so i'd never put on stupid things i do and when i'm generally a bit crap at life and exams and family stuff and everything else. i think just about everybody who graduated this year has similar thoughts to you and in my opinion you are at the top of the pile because you are amazing! you've always commented on my blog when you didn't need to or felt obliged to because you had a blog then, and in the blogging world that shows a lot. You can do great things because you are genuinely lovely xxx

  3. I love love love this! Going over to the etsy shop now to see if I can pick one up for myself :) Great blog x Grace