Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sepia days.

My dad recently had a small reunion with some of his college buddies, he hadn't seen one of them for thirty years! He was described as still being in the seventies, technology wise. Which is true, but bless him, he's started using his email this week, painfully keying in individual letters. Key. By. Key.

So, one of his friends forwarded on some pictures from the college years! What's so special about these pictures is their shabby charm - the aging floral wallpaper, posters tacked up haphazardly on the walls, the pictures taken unbeknownst to the subject. It makes me sort of nostalgic really for those sepia days, when a picture was something to be treasured, expensive to process, tearing open the envelope to glimpse at moments that would forever remain frozen in time on that delicate matte paper. Now it seems there's too many fleeting moments, to be snapped, deleted, retaken, discarded and forgotten about. Thats why I've taken to using disposable cameras on occasion, so one day I might happen upon photos of myself and my friends, between the pages of a book, long forgotten about at the bottom of a drawer and smile.

Ah the curtains, the wallpaper, the pyrex dishes! The hair! I long for those days when hair was worn long and tousled. I also love looking at old food packaging, how simple and basic it was - straight to the point! MILK.

It's strange and sort of thrilling to see the face of one I know and love so well minus three decades worth of worries and lines and with a substantial amount more hair! The first photo is my favourite, love The Who poster pinned on the door!


  1. cool! i have a bunch f pics like this of my parents, too. the guy in the top pic (your dad?) looks like john lennon

  2. Oh wow, i love these! Thanks loads for sharing :) i must get a disposable camera!

  3. The first photo of your dad is adorable - you look a lot like him! (The chin especially!)

    I agree with you on all accounts - everything seems so trivial and fleetingly passe because it's so accessible. It's important to value each moment!

  4. Fantastic pics!!!

    Yeah pictures these days are all posing...."group shot" "everyone look at the camera", etc and people freak out if you try to take a natural pic "Oh God! I look so terrible and it's going to be all over Facebook." It's very frustrating!

  5. I frikkin LOVE these photos! Seriously amazing.
    You know I'm a sucker for a Who poster and some serious facial choppage! Why don't men grow their sidies anymore. *hurrumph*
    You're Dad and his buds are ace!

  6. These are so great. You are right about photography these days - these old photos hold something different.

  7. This blog is gorgeous! a word about pyrex dishes - for a long time, up until last year (I am 25) I thought they were called "pirate dishes".

    for shame.