Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mad Men

I know a lot of bloggers are anxious for July 25th, the premiere of season four of Mad Men. It's annoying being stuck in between series, I'm used to watching a series right through instead of tapping my fingers waiting week by week. I don't think I could get into another series, what are you guys watching? I'm watching True Blood week by week.

Anyway, whilst impatiently awaiting the return of Mad Men, I've had to amuse myself in some ways, so jib jab provided some amusement. G'wan have a laugh at my expense!
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And of course after spending hours reading Tom & Lorenzo's costume analysis' of the shows, I had to style myself as a Mad Woman/Minx?

Lastly, this promo poster makes me all giddy and excited.

First impressions - there's definite change of tone in Betty's wardrobe, she's no longer the naive housewife in 50s day dresses, but more assertive, more progressive in her fashion tastes. As for Peggy - woah! That 1950s catholic schoolgirl wardrobe and attitude is certainly dead and gone!

PS. Also - isn't Peggy's hair getting big? It says a lot about her new status and the bigger her hair gets, the more ambitious she's becoming. And that well cut suit, not a peter pan collar or ridiculous bow in sight! She's becoming more masculinized and one of the boys. Go Peggy!


  1. Loving this styling. My mom watches this. I should give it a go.

  2. I keep meaning to watch this, but I have so many other boxsets to get through first!
    Snaps though, cos I have a Betty Draper post planned for this week!

  3. T Lo's wardrobe breakdowns have really been getting me through the summer.

  4. I've only ever watched it a few times and I love the styling. I'm not that great at following tv shows though, I prefer easy going, no brainer shoes that require little to no thought!
    Oh, and I only recently found your blog and I put it on my blog list, I love finding new Irish blogs.


  5. Oh man, I love your analysis of the fashion on the show! I can't wait for Sunday. :D