Thursday, July 8, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Well, the title of my last post seems pretty apt. Its been over two weeks since I updated! I tend to post in waves. I'm a horrid procrastinator.
So what have I been doing? Shopping mainly if I'm being honest! I've been up and down on the bus to Dublin meeting friends. I find that the bus puts me into a pensive mood, I guess because the journey is three and a half hours long (each way!) and I'm looking at fields and small towns most of the time.

One of the major events I partook in was Dublin Pride, on June 26th. It was my second Pride parade. The Civil Partnership Bill passed in the Dáil (Irish Senate) and Seanad, it will soon pass into law. It's progress!

It being pride there were rainbows everywhere! According to estimates 20,000 took part in the parade and 120,000 watched as the streets of Dublin surrendered to the drag queens for the afternoon! Weather wise it didn't rain (unlike my first Pride in 2008), the skies alternated between grey and blue, brightening up later on.

Whoever took this almost certainly had a few glasses of vino in them, obviously. I should point out that I am wearing Miss Opus Gei's halo, the act that took AMI 2010 by storm. (A few of my friends performed in and produced it.)

It was a lot of fun, the whole day. I consumed my fairrrr share of wine that evening shall we say! It really felt like summer, the whole weekend has been the highlight of my summer so far.

Like I've mentioned previously I began in Oxfam recently and I love it! I love coming across a bargain and selling on old clothes to new people, I just get such a buzz out of it I can't describe it. If I was to estimate though about 80% of the items donated are trash and not viable to sell. I can't wait to share my finds with you! Sligo isn't the most fashion forward city in Ireland but we have some lovely labels donated to us.

PS. In uploading these pictures it struck me that my camera is rubbish, or its probably my camera skillz, I always feel like such an amateur when looking at the semi-professional prettiness of other bloggers pictures, but eh, my lacklustre pictures are part of my charm, uh, right?


  1. This looks so fun! I love the balloons! I went to London Pride and it was so great.

  2. haha my sister went to bham pride on the friday and was like 'mom, i'll be back on monday!' true to form we didn't see or hear from her all weekend! thank you for the comment on my blog, you are TOO LOVELY!!!!! you give me confidence to keep posting despite not having the photos or clothes of some! likewise, your blog has started off amazingly! very engaging and full of variety, love hearing about your life xx

  3. wow that is a LONG bus-ride :) I bet it's a great city though!!

    ps. I gave you an award :)

  4. oh that little dog looks so cute! hehe

  5. Yep, You're defo faboosh! Xx